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Expert Musical Instrument Repair & Rebuilding - Woodwinds, Brass, All Instruments Expertly Repaired

Dealer in fine new, vintage and
restored musical instruments


STORE HOURS:  Tuesday - Friday  11:00-4:30


Gary & Sheila Underwood's Pro Music Shop of Orlando, dba Underwood Music
4949 North Pine Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32792 

Custom pro woodwind and brass overhauls, saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece fittings, major and minor musical instrument repairs, Omegasonic brass and woodwind cleanings, musical accessories with clear and accurate guidance and consultation, large array of used vintage pro brass and woodwind instruments, over 500 new and used mouthpieces in stock. 






Authorized dealer for Powell Silver Eagle

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"Finally, somebody did it right"

Gary Underwood has been chosen to be one of only four dealers in the country to represent the incredible Powell Silver Eagle woodwind line.

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