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QuoteHi Gary, It has been little over 2 weeks since you fixed me up with a tenor mouthpiece. I have bought many but nothing compares and I just wanted to thank you. I am into 1 thousand of 10 thousand hours before I will be proficient but the mouthpiece you hooked me up with is making the trip better. My sax needs maintenance but I will have you do that in September, hard to give it up now with this new mouthpiece. Thanks again.
~ Mike Hanson



Image Manufacturer Model Price

Gemeinhardt 3SH Flute

Gemeinhardt 3SH $700.00

Yamaha 281 Flute

Yamaha 281 $600.00

Emerson EF6 Flute

Emerson EF6 $550.00

Gemeinhardt 2SH Flute

Gemeinhardt 2SH $600.00

Artley 78-0 Flute

Artley 78-0 $500.00

Buffet R13 Clarinet

Buffet R13 $1,800.00

LeBlanc Double L Clarinet

LeBlanc Double L $1,600.00

Vito VSP Clarinet

LeBlanc Vito $850.00

Selmer Series 9 Clarinet

Selmer Series 9 $1,500.00

Yamaha YCL-34 CLarinet

Yamaha YCL-34 $800.00

No let 40 Clarinet

LeBlanc Noblet 40 $900.00

Normandy Clarinet

LeBlanc Normandy $900.00

Buffer E12 Clarinet

Buffet E12 $1,200.00

Selmer 1400 Clarinet

Selmer 1400 $400.00

Selmer CL300 Clarinet

Selmer CL300 $400.00

Yamaha YCL24II Clarinet

Yamaha YCL24II $400.00

Yamaha 20 Clarinet

Yamaha 20 $400.00

LeBlanc Vito Clarinet

LeBlanc Vito $400.00

LeBlanc Vito Clarinet

LeBlanc Vito $400.00

LeBlanc Vito Clarinet

LeBlanc Vito $400.00
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